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CompuSource is factory trained and certified by Panduit Network Systems Group as Panduit Certified Installers (PCI) and Panduit Certified Technicians (PCT) for installation and maintenance meeting all current standards.

Network Copper Cabling

  • Installation of Equipment Racks, Equipment Cabinets and Wall Mounted Systems
  • Installation of New Angled Patch Panels, Cable Management Systems, Cable Trays or Ladder Racks
  • Telephone cabling including D-Mark or T1 or DSL extensions
  • Cabling of Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6 Augmented cables for both Data and Voice
  • Adds, Moves, or Changes to Existing Systems
  • New Construction
  • Third Party and Corporate Work
  • Home Networks
  • Analysis of Current Systems with Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyzer
  • Repairs and Upgrades to Current Systems 
network cabling montana, idaho, wyoming
Fiber Optic cabling montana

Fiber Optic Cabling

  • Analysis and Repair of Current Systems with Fluke DSX 5000 Cable Analyzer, Fluke OTDR, and AFL Fusion Splicer
  • Installation of Fiber Optic cable after Site Survey or determination of Type of Fiber Cable needed
  • Installation of Fiber Optic Enclosures including Equipment Racks, Equipment Cabinets and Wall Mounted Systems
  • Adds, Moves or Changes to Existing Systems
  • New Construction
  • Third Party and Corporate Work
  • Repairs and Upgrades to Current Systems

Site Surveys & Consulting

  • Consulting and Site Surveys to help customers plan new office buildings, adds, move, or changes in work space, upgrades of current network systems, or improving performance.
  • Site Surveys may also include Network Testing and Analysis to determine source of network problems including tracing, re-numbering or replacing of existing cables. Consulting and On-Site Survey might include Copper and Fiber Optic Cable Analysis to determine Scope of Work.
  • The Site Evaluation includes current computer network issues and projected changes or upgrades of the system including all locations of all computers, copiers, fax machines and other office equipment, as well as Information Technology Closets or Cabinets with switches, routers, and servers and telephone services.
  • After the Site Evaluation we will provide suggestions for network improvements including needs for additional cabling location needs and clean up of existing Information Technology Closets or Cabinets. If the job requires we would be happy to write up an Estimate or Bid for the work to be completed.
  • Precise review of your needs, planning within budget constraints, and timing of work requirements to keep your business operating smoothly. Fast turn-around of Bids and Estimates to help our customers plan and budget for new office space or upgrades to current systems.
  • Your satisfaction with our Services and use of Panduit Solutions® products means repeat business for us, and lower cost of business for you… and that’s just good business.
network cabling montana idaho wyoming
fiber optic cabling montana idaho wyoming

Cabling Analysis – Copper & Fiber Optic

  • CompuSource has over 16 years of experience in cabling installation, testing and maintenance.
  • CompuSource Technicians are all Panduit PCI certified and stay current with all TIA/EIA 568 Standards with on going classes and seminars.
  • Fast, Clean and Efficient cabling practices keep your office moving while we upgrade your networking performance.
  • We are dedicated to keeping current with all new advances in computer technology, cross platform connectivity, advances in cable engineering, as well as the standards that govern the quality of installation. We enjoy working with businesses individuals to help them plan their new construction or upgrades of their current system.
  • We are members of the Association of Cabling Professionals and BICSI. Additionally, we have technicians that are trained and certified by several cabling companies including Panduit.
  • We also used the best and most current testing equipment available including the New Fluke DTX 1800 Cable Analyzer, and Fluke ODTR to assure that our installation meets and exceeds the current standards for Cat5e, Cat 6 and Fiber Optic installations. This procedure means that your company is assured that the job will be completed with the highest quality and will meet or exceed all specifications, by manufacturer trained and certified installers. You will have copies of the test results for verification so that they will get the full benefit of manufacturer’s warranty, as well as assuring other future network equipment installers that the cable will meet and exceed their specifications.
  • CompuSource takes pride in its record fore timely installations and systems readiness. We are committed to “getting it right” the first time.


Our Warranty

We believe that Panduit offers the best engineered and highest quality termination products offered in North America. Panduit stands by their product line: after their products are installed and certified by qualified installers, the client is given Panduit® Network System’s Certification Plus 25 year Warranty. In addition Panduit partners with other high quality product lines including General CableMohawk Cables and Cisco so that an entire office end-to-end network system is integrated to be flexible, efficient and to work seamlessly. We are proud to offer the Panduit product line to our clients. This warranted work includes:

* Installation, termination and labeling all faceplates and jacks using Panduit Solutions® products (with Cat 6 jacks in both the faceplate and the patch panels).

* Certification Testing of all data connections (with a Fluke DTX-1800 cable analyzer) to assure quality of installation, guaranteed performance and to meet the requirements of Panduit Network System’s Certification Plus 25 Year Warranty. You will have copies of the certification test results for verification, as well as assuring other future network equipment installers that the cable will meet their specifications.

Compusource believes in using the highest quality products, maintaining a clean and neat work environment and leaving our customers happy.

Your Satisfaction with our Services and use of Panduit Solutions products means repeat business for us, and lower cost of business for you…and that’s just good business.


Meet Us

We are your hometown company, with hometown Pride. We are locally owned and operated, which means our heart is where it belongs, in the community. Our decisions are local, our concerns are local and our priorities are where they belong. 

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