Warranties:We believe that Panduit offers the best engineered and highest quality termination products offered in North America. Panduit stands by their product line: after their products are installed and certified by qualified installers, the client is given Panduit® Network System’s Certification Plus 25 year Warranty. In addition Panduit partners with other high quality product lines including General Cable, Mohawk Cables and Cisco so that an entire office end-to-end network system is integrated to be flexible, efficient and to work seamlessly. We are proud to offer the Panduit product line to our clients. This warranted work includes:

  • Installation, termination and labeling all faceplates and jacks using Panduit Solutions® products (with Cat 6 jacks in both the faceplate and the patch panels).
  • Certification Testing of all data connections (with a Fluke DTX-1800 cable analyzer) to assure quality of installation, guaranteed performance and to meet the requirements of Panduit Network System’s Certification Plus 25 Year Warranty. Youwill have copies of the certification test results for verification, as well as assuring other future network equipment installers that the cable will meet their specifications.

Compusource believes in using the highest quality products, maintaining a clean and neat work environment and leaving our customers happy.

Your Satisfaction with our Services and use of Panduit Solutions products means repeat business for us, and lower cost of business for you…and that’s just good business.