Site Surveys & Consulting 
Surveys & Consulting:

  • Consulting and Site Surveys to help customers plan new office buildings, adds, move, or changes in work space, upgrades of current network systems, or improving performance.
  • Site Surveys may also include Network Testing and Analysis to determine source of network problems including tracing, re-numbering or replacing of existing cables. Consulting and On-Site Survey might include Copper and Fiber Optic Cable Analysis to determine Scope of Work.
  • The Site Evaluation includes current computer network issues and projected changes or upgrades of the system including all locations of all computers, copiers, fax machines and other office equipment, as well as Information Technology Closets or Cabinets with switches, routers, and servers and telephone services.
  • After the Site Evaluation we will provide suggestions for network improvements including needs for additional cabling location needs and clean up of existing Information Technology Closets or Cabinets. If the job requires we would be happy to write up an Estimate or Bid for the work to be completed.
  • Precise review of your needs, planning within budget constraints, and timing of work requirements to keep your business operating smoothly. Fast turn-around of Bids and Estimates to help our customers plan and budget for new office space or upgrades to current systems.
  • Your satisfaction with our Services and use of Panduit Solutions® products means repeat business for us, and lower cost of business for you… and that’s just good business.